Tuesday, December 30, 2008

..Thanks For The Memories..

Nothing to say..
I enjoyed that day very much..
And one thing for sure, i will bear in mind that day for ever..

- Seriously, You Triggered My Heart That Day -

Thanks For The Memories, My Dear FiFy.. (^_^)

Monday, December 15, 2008

..Mistaken Identity..

I was deeply in love with the "Cekodok" that i had during that time. Plus, i dipped it with "Kuah Kacang" and it was really really delicious. I was so into it. Hehe.. However, due to my lack of concern to whatever i had on my plate, i chewed something elastic but it tastes good. It had the taste of "Kuah Kacang" as well.

"Expect the unexpected"..!

I chewed it for many times and it remained the same. So, i started to feel confused with it. I spit it out and jeng, jeng, jeng..

Guess what it is..

It was actually a part of rubber-band but it merely looks like a small slice of carrot..
Thank God! I nearly swallowed it. Huhu..

-See! It does looks like a small slice of carrot-

Thursday, December 4, 2008


What i like about holiday:

  • Play with my youngest sister - Zara
  • Going to "Kenduri Kahwin"
  • Feel free [No assigment, etc.]
  • Can wake up late
  • Can sleep late
  • Breakfast is there on the table
  • Lunch, Tea Time, Dinner & Supper also there
  • Can wash my clothes using washing machine.
  • Eat on plate, not "tapau". Hehe..
  • Can grab everything in the refrigerator.
  • Feed my arowana fish everyday.
  • Going everywhere by car.

Monday, December 1, 2008

..p/s: I Love You..

You are what i have been waiting for that day.
Perhaps, you noticed how excited and happy i was when we finally met.
It was such a memorable moment though i have to wait at the departure gate for a long time.
Never mind because i am doing it for you.

-Nice Smile, Dear-

-Love Stick. Thanks So Much-

I really hope that we can meet again.
Because during the time i write this entry,

"I Miss U So Much"

Note: Sorry, Guyz. Jiwang. HeHe.. No kutuk2 ok?? (^_^)

Monday, November 24, 2008

..Sweet 21..

It takes a long time for today to come.
Today is my birthday..
And i am so glad that now, i am 21 years old..
[I know that some people hate their birthday]

"Happy Birthday" to me!

These are among the people who appeared in my inbox:

  • FiFy My Sweetheart
  • AjaN
  • MaMa, Abah & Family
  • Ridhwan Isa
  • Ahmad Taufik
  • Ellin
  • Shahrul
  • Solihah
  • Kayron
  • Firdaus Yahya
  • Ibrahim Ismail
  • Bank Islam [Unexpected One]
  • Celcom [Birthday Wish + Xpax Bonus For 7 Days]
  • Maxis [Birthday Wish + Free Calls For The Day]
  • Azzirra
  • Along
  • Mimi Chan
Thanks All..

p/s: This list will be updated as the time goes by.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

..Awaking The Century..

17th of November 2008 - The Ngeks' Day Out
Venue: Bukit Bintang Area
Photographer: ..Me.. (^_^)

-Reminiscing The Memory-

Spotted: The Ngeks Is Posing.

Spotted: It Takes Two To Tango.

Spotted: They Say, "Friendship Lasts Forever".

Spotted: Beware Of The Camera!

Spotted: Nothing's Really Over.

Spotted: Be Careful What You Wish For..

Spotted: Smile With Your Eyes.

-To Be Continued-

Dear The Ngeks..
Beware.. You Know You Love Me.. xoxo

-Gossip Boy-

Sunday, November 16, 2008

..Boy's Day Out..

Sunway Pyramid

Me, Taufik & Sirhajwan
Adi & Nui [Accidentally met.]

This is what had happened to me, despite the happiness that we made.

  • Actually, i had no intention to go out this morning. When I saw sir suddenly dressing up, I wondered where he was going. When he informed me that he was going to Sunway Pyramid, alone, I was shocked. Alone? Sunway Pyramid? I mean, it's dangerous for him to go there all by himself. So Taufik and I decided to accompany him with our own agendas.
  • Dalm komuter suddenly ada sorang budak kecik ni nangis. So loud sampai budak tu jadi the centre of attention . Hehe.. At first tension gak tp bcoz i like children, no biggies la.
  • Depan Sunway ada jejantas yang aku rasa orang yang buat tu xfikir betul2. Jejantas tu xde jalan masuk yang betul2. Terpaksala aku menyelinap g tempat sempit semata-mata nak naik jejantas tu.
  • Plan first nak g ambil duit. So cari CIMB punye ATM xjumpe. Taufik suruh tanya receptionist tu. Aku pun g la. Ntah cmane tibe2 aku boleh tanya receptionist tu cmane nak g tempat wayang. Xtanya tentang ATM tu. Huhu.. Jgn marah ek, Top.
  • Waktu nak g beli tiket, salah beratur pulak. Kitorang g beratur kat tempat untuk orang yang da buat booking. Malu skejap td. Keh3..
  • Aku tersampuk dekat escalator. Nasib baik xjatuh.
  • Lepas makan, aku tersalah escalator. Aku nak naik tapi g escalator yang turun. Ntah cmane tibe2 aku blur waktu tu. Kenyang sangat kot..
  • G Popular ada pulak orang buat promosi UPAX. Aku pun sambarla. Hehe..

-The End-

Saturday, November 15, 2008


"She" captured this picture for me.. "She" sent me this picture..

This picture is so beautiful and lovely..
And in my heart,
it is as beautiful & lovely as


Part 3 is over.
We finished our last paper this evening.
[Educational Psychology]
It was such a relieve knowing that the paper was over.
Taihen desu ne [Japanese] or It is quite tough [English].
Hoping the best from it.

Leisure time,
We went to Section 18.
Eat a lot plus gossiping.
With Gossip Boy, Taufik & Gossip Girl, Farah.
Sirhajwan, as well.

Venue: McDonald Section 18, Shah Alam

Caught in the act:

Farah at the baby's shop..

Going to miss u guyz a lot this holiday..
Safe journey back home..
Ki o tsukete kudasai..
See u guyz again next semester..


Thursday, November 13, 2008

..Dear McDonald..

I have eaten McD for about 5 times already and this is the issue that is haunting my mind
  • Kalau u guyz perasan, McDonald used plenty of papers for packaging. Definitely, it is not good for the environment. (Korang pun tau kan paper is made from what..)
  • Burger2 McD tu actually membosankan. Besa2 jak pun.
  • Compare McD and KFC, KFC is preferable. Lebih kenyang. Haha.. (Message For Taufik: Let's go to KFC PAS or Section 18. KFC PAS la sebab ko kata ayam dia besar. Keh3..)
  • Baru jap td aku makan McD, pastu kena layan kureng ckit sbb cashier tu da penat kot. Nak kata orang ramai sgt xjugak. Ntahla. Ppun, u hurt me a lot, woman!