Saturday, May 2, 2009


Yesterday was a big day. I was very agitated to be there and the most important part was to be there before you arrived. Well, i know you very well. Someone should be there for you. So, i was there. The longer i waited for you, the more nervous i was. I started to giggle a little bit, plus it was very cold there and it was in the middle of the night.

I was wondering at which gate you were going to appear? I went to the international gate as i knew that your plane was the code-share plane. There was a possibility that you might came out from that gate.


I saw a small figure, like a teddy bear in the domestic gate. Could it be you? Yes! That was you. However, i pretended that i did not see you. The moment i saw you out from the gate, i felt like hugging you but i knew i couldn't. Hehe..

And the journey for the two of us started there..

After so long, i met you again and in spite of our distance, i will not make it as an excuse for me to leave you alone in this world that are full with harmful things to you.

p/s: Seriously, you look nice with that waffle.

I Love You, FiFy..


  1. uuww this is shweeeett!!!:)

  2. Fitirah:

    Hehe.. But not as sweet as you. Kan? :p

  3. woo...
    baek punye...
    sdey aku solo lagi, isk3...

  4. Solo pun ok pe.. Rileks ar. Save the best for last. Hehe.. :p

  5. haha no im not..*blush* hee

    neway, comel la fify..
    kim slm eyh..:)

  6. Hehe.. Comel ek? Insyaallah sy sampaikan. Btw, umur die sama ngan Fitriah. Lahir 88. :p

  7. nak aku comment baek2 ke..nak aku saketkan ati kau?? :P hehe

  8. HaHa.. What makes u think i'm 88? Muka da tua ni. Kami Link Students sume lahir 87. :p Plus, we were shocked dulu biler dapat tau all of u muda setahun. HuHu..

  9. StarRocker:

    Ala.. Dua2 pun bule bha. Aku ni kurang sensitif ckit. Haha.. :p

  10. "HaHa.. What makes u think i'm 88? Muka da tua ni"

    except me!!

    wa..kawaii na..anata no kanojo~

  11. Thx My ex-Hubby... I love u2..

  12. Haha.. Ok la, Pana. U xnampak tua. Tp aku ni org kata da nampak macam bapak org. :p

  13. Welcome, Dear. I dedicated this entry to u. :-)

  14. So sweet la puding.huhu...
    Tp ex-hubby? xpaham...